Laminate flooring | National Design Mart | Northeast Ohio

Before Laminate Installation

Prepare your space for laminate flooring installation by clearing the area of furniture and objects. This provides our installation team with a clean, unobstructed work area. Ensure the subfloor is clean, dry, and free of debris or damage to ensure a smooth installation process. Our team will guide you through the necessary preparations and address any questions or concerns you may have before starting the installation.

During Laminate Installation

Our experienced team will arrive at your home at the scheduled time to begin the laminate flooring installation process. They will carefully lay each plank according to the predetermined layout, ensuring precise alignment and a seamless finish. It's important to have an adult present during the installation, and arrangements should be made for children and pets to ensure their safety and minimize disruptions. Throughout the installation, our team will communicate with you to keep you informed of progress and address any questions or concerns.

Laminate Installation | National Design Mart | Northeast Ohio
Laminate flooring | National Design Mart | Northeast Ohio

After Laminate Installation

Once your new laminate flooring is installed, our team will ensure that the area is clean and free of debris before they leave your home. They will conduct a final walkthrough with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with the installation. Our team will provide you with care and maintenance instructions to help you keep your new laminate flooring looking its best for years to come. It's normal for laminate flooring to have a slight odor after installation, so we recommend opening windows or using fans to ventilate the space and minimize any lingering odors.