Mannington Benchmark® Northcrest Coastline 3832

Benchmark® Northcrest


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Mannington Benchmark® Northcrest Coastline 3832

Product Attributes

Collection Benchmark® Northcrest
Color Coastline
Shade Medium
Species STONE
Surface Type NatureForm® HD
Application Residential
Size 12' wide roll
Finish Coating Medium Gloss
Installation Method Full glue perimeter fasten or loose lay
Warranty 6 yr Residential
Description Northcrest evokes images of sand swept, sun kissed beaches. Like a coastline peeking through clouds, Northcrest’s color and texture offer a subtle interplay of balance and juxtaposition. A realistic stone look, visually enhanced by a 9” checkerboard layout, Northcrest readily brings nature’s ever-changing beauty into the home.